Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Game-Review!!

Alyssa Reid came out with her new album: The Game today! I pre-ordered it on itunes and I was so excited after I heard it on First Spin!! So now I will go through the track listing with you! I can't get these songs from youtube so I will just give you the muchmusic link!


1. Letting Go:I love this song, it really shows off her voice. But its WAY too short!! I wish it was longer and whats with the "Hello and...Welcome" at the end.....

2. The Game: It sounds like alone again... But it is still a great,catchy song! "It's all part of the game,the game,the game, we all play the same"

3. XO: This is a total party song, I could so hear in clubs at night where people are dancing. "I gave you my heeeaaarrrrtttt!!!"

4. Alone Again: I told you already this is a great remake!!! Also the rap is better than most raps because I can actually understand and sing along with it!! " Till now, I always got by on my own, I never really cared until I met you"

5. Interlude: This is like intermission.... I don't getr why we need it in a CD... But there was something like this in the Owl City CD.

6. Talk Me Down: This is a good song, it has good meaning. Its like a encouragement song. " You can't talk me down, cause i'm here now"

7. The Dark Side: I like this song, again a club song. But it has a different style than XO. I can imagine the cover of the album being the single cover for this song for some reason.
" I come to life"

8. Go: I like this song, just a song with a good beat. This is a good song for like a walk or jog. I just liked it!!
"Even if you care, I wouldn't dare to follow"

9.Without You: more like the song go. Good beat. Good meaning. It's about losing someone. I think.
"I finally made it here without you"

10. Burned:This song is slower, It kinda says that she wants to get revenge on someone, but she's already been hurt too much to get them back. "But if you play with fire, you always get burned"

11. Live to tell: I like this song, its really encouraging. It tells you that you're not alone. I also love the instruments used in this song. "you're not alone, but theres more to this I know"

12-13 are just different versions of "Alone Again"

14. Watch Me Soar:(Exclusive to itunes) I love this song. It will probably be my favourite of the album. Its has the same message as "Mean" by Taylor Swift. It says that you can pick on me, but no matter what one day I will be free and you can "Watch me soar". This can apply to anyone, bullies or people who are mean to you.

15: Alone Again (Acoustic) I like this version, it is more like the Celine Dion version and the Heart version than the other Alone Again versions.

So overall I like this album and would rate it high (7.5-8.5 stars). If you like pop, you would love this album. There are songs on this album for both pop lovers and slow song lovers. There is also many songs with actual meaning, unlike some of the pop songs these days. Also buy it on itunes to get the song "Watch Me Soar".

Here is the link to listen to it. http://www.muchmusic.com/music/firstspin/alyssareid/
(Watch Me Soar isen't on it because it is exclusive to itunes)

Cover for "The Game"

Single Cover

Alone Again Single Cover


  1. Hey there!
    Loved your review
    I was unaware of acoustic version of Alone Again by pre-order, but I just saw a little clip of it on youtube and I love it! But I don't know where to find it :(!!!
    Do you think you could please post it? That'd be great thanks!

  2. Yup i responded to your email . Check your email and I sent you the link to watch it :). Thanks for coming on my blog! Ill post more things on Alyssa Reid!!

  3. This Post is awesome! I love how in-depth you are about each song and the meaning it has to you. I love The Dark Side
    Check out Alyssa's website! :)

  4. Thanks :). Alyssa Reid is amazing! Her voice and all :). I LOVE watch me soar!


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